How far in advance do I need to book my shoot?
I recommend booking your shoot 6-8 weeks before you need your pictures. Albums may take up to 4-6 weeks to produce. If you need it sooner, let me know, and I will try to accommodate you the best I can.
I don't know how to pose. Will you guide me during a session?
Yes! You don't need to worry about a thing. I am well versed in posing and have even been known to strike a pose or two during our session together, too!.. Just don't laugh too hard. Lol. You can be sure that you always be guided to pose in a way that will flatter your features in the best lighting. You'll be given straightforward directions on how to pose, such as "relax your shoulders," "turn your chin ever so slightly to the right and bring your eyes towards me," etc. 
What should I wear to my photo session?
When you book your portrait experience with us, you'll receive complimentary wardrobe consultation with our exclusive portrait prep guide. We'll also send you emails that will give you ideas on where to shop, what to look for, and how to dress for your body type! Preparing a Pinterest board with outfit ideas you love is also great. From there, we can always guide you toward the best choices. Sessions typically allow time for 2-3 outfit changes. You are more than welcome to bring more outfits with you, and we will help you narrow it down. Some clients are bringing a suitcase full of stuff! LOL. It is always good to have options. But don't worry- You'll be super prepared when your session is here!
Do you photograph families?
I don't. The experience I offer is focused primarily on individuals, and I like to work 1-on-1 with my clients to give them a personalized portrait experience. 
Do you offer hair & makeup styling?​​
Yes! a double makeover is included in our portrait sessions. ​
Do you provide wardrobe options at the studio?
For sanitary reasons, I do not offer a client closet. I keep a few accessories on hand. But know you are not alone in selecting your outfits! Depending on what you describe feeling most confident in, we'll discuss options together and plan your looks accordingly. I also provide all of my clients with a wardrobe guide, including an extensive list of online and in-person retailers. I curated this list with every body type in mind. :)
How long will my session take?
Sessions are approximately 3.5 hours from start to finish. We will dedicate the first hour and a half to hair & makeup, and the rest will be for changing, shooting, and just having fun. 
Do you offer minis or group sessions? 
I believe every client deserves my full, undivided attention, so I do not offer mini-sessions. It takes away from the whole experience of what professional portrait sessions are all about.
How long will it take to get my photos?​​
Product delivery takes an estimated 3-4 weeks from your reveal/ordering appointment date. If digitals are included in the package you purchased, they will be made available immediately after purchase. 
I have problem areas. Do you photoshop?
Professional photo retouching is included in your portrait session. We specialize in the most comprehensive and detailed editing and can enhance your images to your liking. We are not here to change you into someone you are not; we are passionate about creating stunning images that celebrate your individuality.
Who will be at the shoot?
I will have an all-female team to assist me with all my sessions. That being said, you can absolutely bring one friend with you (as long as you'll feel comfortable posing in front of them and they are there to cheer you on). Please note that if the person joining you is disrespectful to you or members of our team or causes disruptions during your session, we will ask them to wait outside or at a local coffee shop for the duration of your session. That's a firm policy. 
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